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  /  Mr. Jeff Galvin, CEO, AGT
jeff galvin

Mr. Jeff Galvin, CEO, AGT

Jeff Galvin is the CEO and Founder of American Gene Technologies™ (AGT). He earned his BA degree in Economics from Harvard in 1981 and has more than 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. Past companies he has founded were taken public or sold to public companies, such as Varian, which is the leading maker of linear accelerators used in cancer therapy. Driven by his passion to solve complex problems and make a difference in people’s lives, Galvin pursued an interest in gene and cell therapy.

Transitioning into scientific research, Mr. Galvin applied his expertise in critical problem solving to co-create a collaborative lentiviral vector platform for gene therapeutic development with Dr. Roscoe Brady. Dr. Brady was a research scientist at NIH-NINDS who co-discovered enzymatic defects in lysosomal storage disorders and later developed an enzyme replacement therapy to treat Gaucher disease.

Founded by Mr. Galvin with advice from Dr. Brady, AGT aims to create functional gene therapy cures to treat a broad range of genetic diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer). AGT anticipates becoming a clinical stage company in 2018 with a Phase I human trial for its HIV functional cure.

Dr. David Pauza, PhD, joined AGT as Chief Science Officer in 2016. Dr. Pauza has worked in the field of human virology and immunology and has received numerous honors and awards including the Chernow Foundation Award from the American Foundation for AIDS Research. In addition, Gary Mansfield, PhD, VP of Preclinical Development for AGT, has vast experience in developing gene and cell therapy products in biomedical research, with expertise in translational research.