Tuesday, November 14, 2017

8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast
8:30 AM  –  8:45 AM Welcome to the 2017 FLC Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Rob Griesbach, USDA-ARS

8:45 AM  –  9:45 AM Lightning Round

Every Agency gets 3 minutes to share something good they that they have done in the last year

9:45 AM – 10:15 AM  Breakout Part 1: Challenges in the Adoption of Research Outcomes
10:15 AM – 10:45 AM Morning Break
10:45 AM  –  12:15 PM  Innovative Collaborative Programs

Moderator: Dr. Tom Stackhouse, NIH-NCI

  • Historically Black College and University/Minority-Serving Institution Partnered Research Initiative: Patrice Collins, DoD-ARL
  • Agreements for Commercializing Technology (ACT): Clara Asmail, DOE
  • Entrepreneurs-in-Residence: Rich Bendis, BioHealth Innovation
  • Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Entrepreneur Sabbatical Program: Barry Datlof, USAMRMC
12:15 PM –  1:00 PM Working Lunch:

Breakout Part 2: Challenges in the Adoption of Research Outcomes

1:00 PM  –  2:15 PM Casting a Wider Net: Complementary Resources & Programs

Moderator: Sara Langdon, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command 

  • How to Optimize the Working Relationship Between Federal Labs and Incubators: Robert Kavetsky, Energetics
  • DC I-Corps: Ben Solomon, Hyperion
  • Foundation for the National Institute of Health: Meredith Donnely
  • Foundation for Food and Agriculture: Julie Reynes
2:15 PM  –  2:45 PM Town Hall Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Rob Griesbach, ‎USDA-ARS

    • National FLC: John Dement, FLC Chair
2:45 PM – 3:15 PM Afternoon Break
3:15 PM – 4:15 PM Breakout Part 3: Challenges in the Adoption of Research Outcomes
4:15 PM – 4:30 PM Wrap-Up
4:30 PM Off-Site Networking

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 – Industry Day

8:00 AM Registration and Breakfast
8:30 AM  –  8:45 AM Welcome

Speaker: David Petr, CEO Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation

8:45 AM  –  9:15 AM Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Speaker: Mojdeh Bahar, USDA-ARS

9:15 AM  –  10:45 AM Ecosystem Breakout & Report Out
Moderator: Fizie Haleem, Energetics
10:45 AM  –  11:15 AM Morning Break/Exhibition Tables
11:15 AM  –  12:15 PM Human Interest Panel

FLC-MA Tech Transfer Award winners share their stories. Examples of Federal laboratories partnering with the commercial sector to bring research outcomes to market. Examples on how such success stories have changed peoples’ lives.

Moderator: Santiago Navarro, DOT 

  • NCI/NIH collaboration with the medical industry to develop new therapies to combat several aggressive cancers that currently have a low survival rate: James Gulley, Jeffrey Schlom, John Greiner, Renee Donahue, Ravi Madan, Andrea Apolo, Julius Strauss, Isaac Brownwell, Kevin Brand, Michael Pollack, & Sabarni Chatterjee.
  • DHS collaboration with the food processing industry to develop software tools detecting deliberate contamination of foodstuffs: Jessica Cox
12:15 PM  –  2:00 PM Lunch: FLC-MA Award Presentations
Moderator: Jack Pevenstein, FLC MA Deputy Regional Coordinator, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Leveraging Federal Research with Industry Needs

Moderator: Sarah Miller, MCEDC

3:00 PM Networking